A Brief Update #2

Hi everyone, sorry for the inactivity these last several months. I’m still crazy busy and stressed, and I suspect things will remain this way for at least another couple of months. Once my life starts having a semblance of normalcy again, I’ll get back to translating. In the meantime, this blog and my translations are not going anywhere.

I’ve been reading every now and again – the most recent novel I’ve read to completion is Pampered Consort’s Acting Awards. It’s written by the same Fa Da De Lei Xian, who also wrote Chang’an’s First Beauty. Even though the title is a little silly, the truth is that it’s a lovely story packed with emotional punch, but also not so much so that the leads are running around illogical, headless chickens. I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys low-stakes historical novels with a dose of mystery and redemption.

I’m also thinking about starting up a Discord server for anyone who wants to chat about C-Novels, spoilers, and the like – maybe even start up a little book club at some point? It seems like there’s a ton of great sites for sharing and finding books, but very few communities for active discussion (at least that I know of). I would love to be able to with you all about books, and not just the ones mentioned by me! Some readers have already suggested some books on the Bookshelf page and I love that. Would love to turn this into a bigger thing. πŸ₯Ί ❀️

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2 years ago

Ooh hopefully you’re okay, your health and mental being are more important.
Oh i already read empress acting award. Im reading ChangFengDu by grand princess writer and its so good. Because they adapt it into a drama, i checked the novel. But it’s quite longg lol.