Hiya, I’m Xin. I’m Taiwanese-American and I love milk tea and astrology. My love for eastern storytelling began many moons ago when my mother read Journey to the West to me as a child. Later, my parents rented DVDs of The Royal Swordsmen (2005) and Legend of the Condor Heroes (2003) from my local library and I got completely hooked. Today, that adoration has transformed into an affinity for reading Chinese-language novels.

I started out by reading English translations of such novels, but soon began reading in Chinese when I found that translations for some of the novels I wanted to read either didn’t exist or had little consideration for the nuances in the language. Though my own skills are nothing to write home about and I have much to improve on, I hope that readers will enjoy the novels I translate as much as I did reading and translating them!

If you have any recommendations on books to read or dramas to watch, I’d love to know. Or simply drop a line to introduce yourself and just say hi!

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