Book Discussion & Translations:

ShuShengBar: A directory for Chinese-language novels and their respective books, audiobooks, and translations. It also welcomes discussion and questions to help facilitate your reading experience.

NovelUpdates: Database and forum for all types of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese translated novels and web novels. With NU, your mileage may vary, so take the reviews and ratings with a grain of salt.


Ximalaya: If you can understand Mandarin but struggle with reading, start here! It requires monthly membership, but Ximalaya has a huge library of audiobooks, radio dramas, and podcasts. The mobile app is especially handy for when you’re on the go. Tip: Have a digital or physical copy of the novel open while you listen to the audiobook.

Translation Tools:

Pleco: This English-Chinese translation app has been nothing less a lifesaver in my travels abroad. It translates between Pinyin, Chinese, and English and has functions for you to search by pinyin, stroke count, or radicals.

MDBG: A fantastic translation site to have open in the background. Great for desktop use.

Other Resources:

Immortal Mountain: Fantastic glossary that offers insight into the terminology of wuxia, xianxia, and xuanhuan novels.

History of China: Youtube channel that shares information about Ancient China, including historical figures and other cultural aspects.

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